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May 08, 2014

Hilex Poly Celebrates Earth Day in Dallas

In celebration of Earth Day, Hilex Poly took a trip to Dallas to participate in the annual Earth Day Texas event where hundreds of exhibitors set up booths to raise awareness for a variety of environmental and sustainability topics.
My colleagues and I attended to share the importance of plastic bag recycling and to teach festival visitors about the environmental benefits of using plastic grocery bags. Not only are they 100 percent recyclable, but they can be recycled into useful items we use every day, like plumbing pipes, fencing, backyard decks, playground equipment and of course, new plastic retail bags. Additionally, plastic bags require less energy and less water to be manufactured than other bag options, so using and reusing them leaves a smaller environmental footprint.
We were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with folks about the green benefits of plastic bags. We definitely got people rethinking the grocery bags they choose at the check-out! 
To learn more about Hilex Poly’s plastic bag recycling initiatives, check out our Bag-2-Bag program