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December 05, 2013

Increasing Recycling in Harrisburg

Over the past few years, cities across the county have worked to improve their communities by reducing waste and increasing recycling options. This will help cities cut down on waste management costs and more importantly, make their communities sustainable and green.  Last month, my colleague Kirk Ebbs and I traveled to the beautiful city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to meet with State leaders and discuss opportunities to increase the recycling of plastic bags and other plastics to help them meet sustainability goals. 
It is great to see more cities like Harrisburg support the expansion of recycling and make it more convenient for residents to recycle plastics.  According to a recent report, 91% to 93% of the U.S. population has access to plastic bag recycling through grocery store drop-off programs. While we are proud to contribute to this accomplishment by providing more than 32,000 collection bins to businesses across the country, we know that increased, easier access to recycling options for plastics and other consumer goods will be a benefit to everyone and their local communities.
Since the 2005 launch of our Bag-2-Bag Recycling program, we have processed more than 79 million pounds of plastic film, diverting it away from the waste stream and helping to extend the lifespan of a plastic bag and other recyclable plastics!  We hope to continue working with city leaders, like those in Harrisburg, to pursue programs that help them achieve their sustainability goals while supporting an important American industry and the thousands of working families that it supports.
Here is a shot of Kirk Ebbs and me from inside the Senate Chamber in Harrisburg.