Novolex™ urges employees, customers, and third party vendors to report any witnessed unethical activities or compliance related concerns through our automated system. The system provides for a more efficient process geared towards cutting down complainant response time by allowing the Company and complainant to monitor electronic progress through all phases of the investigatory process.

The Ethics & Compliance Helpline may assist in addressing potential ethics standards including but not limited to fraudulent activities, financial irregularities, bribery, Foreign Corrupt Practices act, UK Bribery Act, privacy and security concerns, workplace safety, and employment policy violations. By reporting concerns immediately, Novolex™ will be afforded an opportunity to detect and investigate ethical concerns at the early stages and to take prompt remedial action if needed.

Reports can remain anonymous and confidential without fear of retaliation.

The Ethics & Compliance helpline offers a professional specialist 24/7 in multiple languages.

Call 1-888-852-6208 Toll Free 24/7/365

To make a report online please visit:

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