3 Tips to Remember for the Big Game This Weekend

Many families and groups of friends will gather this weekend to watch one of America’s most popular sports—football! Whether you’re going to the grocery store to purchase items for a watch party or going on a normal grocery store run, make sure you remember these three simple tips:
1. Find new ways to reuse your extra plastic grocery bags. Expecting to have guests over? Keep a plastic bag nearby to collect used napkins or any other trash that may accumulate. Carrying bags of ice to put in a cooler? Avoid dripping water on your floors by placing the ice in a plastic bag. Also, remember that clean plastic bags can be reused to carry prepared food to a party, or even to help guests take leftovers home.
2. Recycle your plastic films. Don’t forget—other types of plastic films, including the plastic around water bottle cases, paper towels, snack foods and many types of plastic packaging can be recycled. Check with your local grocer or recycler to verify which types plastics they accept.
3. Don’t accept a plastic bag if you don’t need one. If you’re purchasing an item with a handle or something that doesn’t require a bag, simply carry the purchased product out of the store by hand.
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