Eat breakfast, RECYCLE, then brush your teeth!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning before work – you wake up, go for a run, come back and shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and head off to office.

But wait! You missed a step in there!

Thanks to great companies like Kellogg’s™, you can start your day off with a delicious breakfast and you can recycle and help the environment, too!

You can recycle the cardboard cereal box curbside with most other goods, while the plastic cereal box liner can be recycled through a store drop-off program!

Eat breakfast, RECYCLE, then brush your teeth!

With programs like NOVOLEX’s Bag-2-Bag, you’re able to drop off plastic products to your local grocery store. The plastic products are then collected, baled and shipped to NOVOLEX’s state-of-the-art recycling center, where they are clean, re-pelletized and turned into new plastic bags.

This process takes plastic bags and products out of the environment and landfills, and gives consumers an opportunity to be rewarded for their recycling efforts.

So next time you’re enjoying your breakfast, remember to not only save the box tops, but the plastic lining inside the box! With your efforts, we can help save the environment and make sure everyone becomes a cereal recycler.