Falling for Gray

Chart of recycled content

Seeing summer depart is always a bitter-sweet time. While I’ll miss the warm weather, I welcome the season that brings us beautiful, multi-color leaves. Fall leaves are not the only item that transitions (or come in a variety of colors).

Plastic grocery bags can be made in a variety of colors; however the color of bags can tell you a lot about how they are manufactured. Plastic bags that are made from virgin plastic are white. Plastic bags that are darker in color contain more recycled materials.

We enjoy using recycled materials to create new plastic bags because it exemplifies that many people are responsibly recycling their bags and keeping them out of landfills. This is more of a reason to encourage people to keep recycling their plastics. Hilex Poly strives to make recycling easier and more convenient through our Bag-2-Bag program, but we cannot do it alone. Make sure to encourage your friends and family members to recycle their plastic bags and together we can make gray the trending color for fall.

Check out the chart below to learn the amount of recycled content that is in your grocery bags!

Chart of recycled content