Hilex Director of Sustainability Presents at Carnegie Mellon University

This past week I had the honor of presenting to a class in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.
The class was researching what has been effective and ineffective in the American experience with plastic bag legislation. Specifically, they wanted to better understand the experience of Hilex Poly employees and achievements in plastic retail bag and film recycling. I was able to share the success Hilex Poly has seen from our award-winning Bag-2-Bag Recycling Program, through which we have distributed more than 32,000 collection bins to make recycling plastic bags convenient for people across the country.
I was thoroughly impressed with the students and was honored to join their class for the day. Everyone demonstrated critical thinking and challenged claims they had seen in the media and online to understand the facts about the American plastic bag manufacturing industry.
I would like to thank Carnegie Mellon University and their Department of Engineering and Public Policy for inviting me to join them and for such an engaging discussion.