Hilex Poly Announces Environmental Initiatives In Advance of Earth Day 2009

Leading Maker of Plastic Bags Continues To Investments in Recycling Initiatives

And Promotes Environmental Education

HARTSVILLE, SC April 21, 2009 – Hilex Poly, the leading manufacturer of plastic bag and film products and the operator of the world’s largest plastic bag recycling facility, announced today its annual environmental benchmarks achieved by Earth Day 2009 that helped to increase recycling and reduce the use of natural resources.

“The annual occasion of Earth Day should cause all of us to pause and examine what we have done to make our world better over the past twelve months. As we look at how we can make the next year even better we ask the public to continue to reuse their free plastic bags; recycle those that are not reused and support retailers that use recycled content bags –  a proven enhanced alternative to recycled paper and virgin plastic bags,” said Stanley Bikulege, CEO of Hilex Poly.

As the operator of the worlds largest plastic bag recycling plant in North Vernon, IN, Hilex collected and recycled more than 30 million pounds of used plastic bags and films from grocery stores since opening this new $13 million facility where plastic bags are turned back into resin pellets and then back in to bags.

The company’s other significant environmental initiatives include:

  • Surpassing a benchmark of placing 30,000 recycling bins in grocery stores across the country that help ensure more and more people have access to recycling everyday
  • Expanding Hilex’s innovative Bag-2-Bag program that has paved the way for consumers not only to return used plastic bags to the grocery store, but also such home items as towel, tissue and bottle overwrap, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags and other clean home polyethylene films
  • Used more than 100 million pounds of recycled plastic in its bags last year
  • Introduced “Grey is The New Green” bag to the open market…the first recycled content bag offered to stores that reduces customers’ plastic footprint by offsetting their use of virgin plastics.

The company’s new approach of recycled content plastic bags enabled customers to reduce the impact on the environment by significantly more than would have been achieved with paper bags or a tax on traditional bags.

About Hilex Poly Co., LLC

Hilex Poly Co., LLC (www.hilexpoly.com) is the leading manufacturer of plastic bag and film products whose products range from bagging systems to protective packaging films. As an industry leader, the company has introduced many new products and features including self opening designs and dispensing hardware. Hilex has also developed a number of innovative environmental programs designed to support the growing need for a greener world. Based in Hartsvill, SC, the company operates 10 strategically located manufacturing facilities across the United States.

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