Hilex Poly’s History: From Past to Present

To fully understand who we are as a company today, I wanted to share Hilex’s history to show just how far we have come in our operations, products and as an environmentally responsible business. We are now leaders in the industry – in research and innovation, addressing economic, environmental, and ease-of-use challenges on a daily basis.

Hilex Poly Co LLC was founded in 2003 in Hartsville, South Carolina with the purchase of Sonoco Products Company and, in particular, its High Density Film Products division. Sonoco’s original plant was small and simple. It consisted of three, two-lane bag manufacturing lines producing t-shirt style bags that were printed in just one or two colors. Together we expanded our operations and product lines, and in the fall of 2005 Hilex Poly purchased Vanguard Plastics, Inc., creating the largest retail carryout packaging manufacturer in the United States.

Over time we come to operate nine facilities to best meet our customer’s needs. Our facilities spanned the country, from Jerome, Idaho and Carrollton, Texas to Milesburg, Pennsylvania and Richmond, Virginia. In 2006 Hilex opened the world’s first and largest closed loop plastic bag recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana, helping to establish Hilex as an environmental leader in the plastic bag industry.

Our first division and headquarters are based in Hartsville and we strive to keep close ties with the people there and continue to be a working partner in the local community.

From a manufacturer of basic white plastic bags we have grown into a company that understands our customer’s desire for more sustainable products. As the first in the industry to create a take back recycling program for plastic bags, we are proud of our Bag-2-Bag program and our plastic bags made out of recycled materials. We are also constantly innovating, creating and utilizing the newest technologies in the industry.

Hilex Poly has come a long way over the years. Our goal is to continue to manufacture the highest quality plastic bags, offer sustainable options, and provide plastic bag recycling programs to give used plastic bags, wraps and sacks second lives. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our history, locations and North Vernon recycling facility.