Increasing Recycled Content in Plastic Bags

At Hilex Poly we’re thrilled to see more and more people discussing plastic bag recycling, encouraging consumers to participate in the plastic bag recycling process in the hope of increasing recycling rates. Thanks to plastic bag recycling initiatives, like our own Bag-2-Bag recycling program, consumers are increasingly recycling their plastic bags, sacks and wraps. In fact, earlier this year the EPA reported that recycling rates for polyethylene plastic bags, sacks and wraps increased to 15 percent in 2010. An all-time high!

Thanks to consumers’ participation in the plastic bag recycling process, Hilex has been able to utilize more and more recycled content in our plastic bag manufacturing efforts. In 2011 the average amount of recycled content included in all Hilex products reached 30 percent. While we are proud of the great strides we’ve made to date, we can still increase the amount of recycled content in our bags but we need consumers’ help!

In order to include more recycled content in our bags, we need consumers to recycle more plastic bags, sacks, and wraps. While we would ideally like to create plastic bags from 100 percent recycled content, it’s not possible at the moment because 90% of Americans go beyond recycling and reuse their plastic bags, often times as trash bags, there isn’t enough recycled material to produce a 100 percent recycled content bag. The more consumers recycle their plastic bags, sacks and wraps, the more recycled content we can include in our new plastic bags. We have the technology to produce plastic bags with more recycled materials. While we know people reuse so many of their plastic bags that it limits recycling— increasing the recycling of other plastic sacks and wraps can make this possible. Will you help us?

Wondering where you can recycle plastic bags, sacks and wraps near you? Use our interactive map to find the closest plastic bag recycling drop-off location!