Kiss Me Because I’m Green!

Kiss Me Because I’m Green! plastic bag

Kiss Me Because I’m Green! plastic bagOn St. Patrick’s Day the world celebrates by wearing green, but at Hilex Poly we wear our green all year round! That’s because at Hilex we make it easy to “go green.” While all of our plastic bags are recyclable, our Bag-2-Bag recycled plastic retail carryout bag, which recently won a Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award, is particularly “green” because it is created using post-consumer plastic bags and other HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE flexible packaging films and wraps from the household.

Because the Bag-2-Bag recycled plastic retail carryout bag is made partially or totally from recycled resin recovered from used bags, the recycled bags are a grey, buff or blue color. Because bags that are produced from recycled post-consumer plastic bags are darker in color, the darker a plastic bag is the more recycled content used, making it more environmentally friendly or “green.”

So how does Hilex produce new plastic bags from previously used plastic bags? Through our Bag-2-Bag recycling program! First, consumers recycle their plastic bags by placing them in in-store recycling bins at more than 30,000 retail stores throughout the country. Then those bags are bundled into bales and shipped to our recycling facility in North Vernon, Indiana. Once the bales arrive at our facility, our employees wash and process the material into pellets which are used to make brand new bags with the same quality and performance as virgin bags using the same process. To watch a video about how Hilex turns used plastic bags into new ones, click here.

Compared to conventional bags, the Bag-2-Bag requires 20% less energy to produce, lowers carbon emissions by 11%, diverts millions of pounds from landfills each year, and provides sustainability conscious consumers a closed loop carryout package.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate by being “green” and recycling your plastic bags at your local retailer!