Learn How2Recycle!

Recycling Store Drop-Off Label
It can be difficult to know if something is recyclable or not. And if an item is recyclable, it can be equally challenging to find the appropriate place to recycle that item. The folks over at GreenBlue recognized how frustrating this situation can be and developed an innovative solution: the How2Recycle Label.
The How2Recycle Label is a project of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition(SPC) that serves as a standardized labelling system that includes recycling instructions. SPC is working to have the How2Recycle Label appear on the majority of consumer goods packaging by 2016. While many companies already use the label, I am proud to announce that Hilex Poly has joined the program in an effort to support an increase in plastic bag and film recycling.
Coming soon, our team at Hilex will include the Store Drop-off Label (see to the right) on a variety of our flexible plastic packaging products, including commonly used plastic retail bags. Along with Hilex, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Reynolds Consumer Products have also joined the recycling program and will use the label on their products to help increase awareness of plastic film recycling.
Many types of plastic bags and films can be returned to the grocery store for recycling. You may recall that our Bag-2-Bag recycling program strives to make recycling convenient by placing collection bins at more than 30,000 locations in the United States and accepting multiple types of plastic film products. All of us at Hilex are incredibly proud to join the many forward-thinking companies already using the How2Recycle Label.
For more information about the How2Recycle label visit how2recycle.info.