Novolex is Family—and We Want You to Be a Part of It

From our corporate headquarters in Hartsville, South Carolina, to each of our 37 facilities across North America, we consider our more than 5,000 employees to be family—a family devoted to the production of high quality, sustainably created-products.

Although our family is large, we consistently work to hold frequent employee get-togethers, off-site trips, and more. At Novolex, we care for our employees and offer a flexible work schedule and generous benefits.

Novolex also understands the importance of our employees spending time with their own families, which is why we work with each team to ensure a strong commitment to work-life balance. Many employees name work-life balance as one of their top reasons for working here.

Dennis R.

Take Dennis R., for example. Before coming to Novolex, Dennis was a real estate agent in New York, working long hours that kept him away from his family. Today, Dennis is happy to work at our Jerome, Idaho, plant, with plenty of time to help his son earn Cub Scout merit badges and keep in touch with his NY sports teams.

Donna L.

Donna L., a customer service specialist in Kentucky, enjoys working for Novolex because she believes we care about our employees. She cherishes her children and grandchildren above all, and she is able to spend plenty of time with them because we understand how important they are to her.

Paul W.

Another one of our proud family members, Paul W., an HR manager from our Jackson, Tennessee, plant, is happy to be able to foster a family-friendly atmosphere for Novolex employees. At the end of the day, he himself has the time to coach his children’s soccer team and pursue his love of landscaping.

These are just a few of the wonderful stories we can share with you from our employees. And we’re looking to create even more positive Novolex stories. All across the country, Novolex is looking to build and expand our family of employees. If you are interested in working for a company that offers great benefits, flexible scheduling, and also values your personal time, please visit to find an opportunity near you.