Polar Pak to Produce Two Million Face Shields for Health Canada to Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Novolex brand, Polar Pak will manufacture PPE face shields in Brampton, ON

Toronto, ON — MAY 6, 2020 Polar Pak, a Canadian based Novolex brand, announced it will be manufacturing more than two million medical face shields in Canada for use by Health Canada and other potential customers to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. These shields will be used to fulfill the need for more than four million face shields over the next couple of months.

Since March, Novolex has been rapidly converting certified food grade packaging lines to make personal protective equipment (PPE) at more than seven locations in North America, including Polar Pak’s Brampton, ON facility which employs more than 800 people. To date Novolex has launched new COVID-19 face shields and (ASTM) Level 1, 2 and 3 isolation gowns. Novolex expects to be shipping more than six million gowns and two million face shields per month once additional lines are converted to PPE production. This capacity will remain available for the duration of the emergency in North America.

When asked about the transition to COVID-19 medical products, Adrianne Tipton, Novolex’s Senior Vice President of Innovation said “It has been absolutely amazing to see our engineering, manufacturing and marketing team develop, trial and launch new products in a matter of weeks. These are processes that can take months or years but have been achieved in a much shorter timeframe.”

The rapid development of the face shields that will be distributed to front line healthcare workers in Canada involved review of multiple design concepts. To manufacture the final design, the Polar Pak team applied state-of-the-art tool and die technology to create the molds for the headgear while colleagues cut the visor components from plastic sheeting also produced on the Polar Pak campus.

“Everyone at the Novolex Polar Pak facility is tremendously proud to be contributing to our country’s response to COVID-19,” said Samir Parikh, the Director of Product Development at Polar Pak who led the face shield product development team in Brampton. “Converting our technology and know-how to help meet this enormous public health need has provided a tremendous source of satisfaction for all of us.”

All new Novolex PPE products can be viewed and are available at http://novolex.com/ppe-products/.

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