Novolex: Provider of Both Paper and Plastic Products!

Over the past few years, Novolex has been expanding to acquire new, sustainable packaging options. As a leader in the packaging industry, it only makes sense that paper products found a home with the Novolex family — and we could not be more excited about it.

The Novolex story is one of constant growth and evolution. Since our foundation in 2003, we have set the bar for innovation in packaging. From developing the first Java Jacket to our iconic T-shirt plastic bags, Novolex has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovation with the purpose of meeting packaging needs across the nation.

Over the past two years, Novolex has incorporated custom film and paper packaging options into its family. Our recent expansions reflect our commitment to providing the best, sustainable packaging to those who use our products. We want to make sure our customers have access to whichever products fit their needs and those of their customers.

Even though Novolex was primarily known for its plastic packaging, we are more than that. We are committed to bringing you quality options, and the bottom line is that paper products can be the perfect fit for certain businesses. That is why we are passionate about bringing you a wide range of products, including paper, and why we are proud to continue leading in the packaging industry. To learn more about our diverse array of packaging options, make sure to take a glance at our products.

This is an exciting time for Novolex. Not only are we expanding across products, but we also continue to grow our family. If our mission for sustainable and innovative packaging options resonates with you, and you are interested in growing your career, join us! We’d love to have you become a part of the Novolex family!