VIDEO: Plastic Bag & Film Recycling

NOVOLEX’s Bag-2-Bag® is a groundbreaking initiative that is dedicated to protecting the environment. Through recycling numerous plastic products, Bag-2-Bag® is able to reduce waste and litter on our streets, waterways and beaches.
But just how does it work?

In local stores, consumers will find Bag-2-Bag® recycling bins, where they can return products including plastic retail bags, produce bags, newspaper bags, cereal box liners and more.

Watch this video to see examples of all the types of plastic bags, films, wraps and liners you can recycle!

After you drop off your plastic bags and products, they are then collected, baled and shipped to NOVOLEX’s state-of-the-art recycling center, where they are cleaned, re-pelletized and turned into new plastic bags.
This process takes plastic bags and products out of the environment and landfills, and gives consumers an opportunity to participate in the recycling process.

Bag-2-Bag® can help our environment – but we need your help, your passion for recycling, and of course, your plastic products to help make a difference.