Recycled Content in Our Bags

We recently received a great question from a consumer about the percentage of recycled content in our shopping bags. The answer is so important, we wanted to share it with everyone through a blog post.

NOVOLEX has recycled content in many of our products! Just last year, we included more than 30 percent recycled material in bags, with some bags having as high as 60 percent recycled content.

But how, as the consumer, are you able to tell this?

It’s all in the colors!

White plastic bags are made from “virgin,” or first time, material. However, once those bags are recycled, the remains are used to create new bags. The more recycled content in a bag, the darker the plastic. That’s why we say we’re going green by “going gray!”

Generally, bags with 0 to 10 percent recycled content are white. Bags with 12 to 25 percent recycled content are cream, 25 to 30 percent are buff, 30 to 35 percent are blue, and, finally, any bag with more than 35 percent recycled content is gray.

By “going gray,” we’re able to provide our consumers with the most environmentally friendly bags on the market. All of our bags are recyclable, rather than compostable, because it is the better option for the environment and a sustainable future.

We’re working every day to create the most innovative recycling technology to ensure that our future will be a sustainable one. In the past 15 years, we’ve given more than 98 percent of America the opportunity to recycle their bags, and we don’t plan to stop there.

So until then, keep recycling, and “Go Gray!”