Reusing and Recycling on Halloween

It’s that time of the year again! Children have picked out their scary (and cute!) costumes and are already dreaming about the great Halloween candy they will be flooded with this evening. Meanwhile, if they haven’t already, the adults are heading to their local store to buy lots of goodies for the onslaught of Trick-or-Treaters. At the store, many will encounter the fun, Halloween-themed designs printed on our 100% recyclable plastic bags. We are proud of these designs and, as an American manufacturer, we can be very responsive to our customers’ special holiday needs, even quick-turnaround requests.

Today, consider using your special Halloween grocery bag to serve additional purposes aside from just carrying your goodies home. Here are a number of suggestions for reusing your bags this Halloween:

  • Bring a Halloween-themed plastic bag along for Trick-or-Treating
  • Reuse a plastic bag to hold all the goodies that you are planning on passing out to Trick-or-Treaters
  • After Halloween, use a plastic bag to store some of your festive decorations
  • Reuse a plastic bag as a trash bag for pumpkin carvings

One of the most important things to remember this Halloween is to bring your plastic bags back to your grocery store for recycling; they are after all, 100% recyclable! And remember, plastic bags are not the only materials that can be returned to the grocery store for recycling. Check out this post by my colleague Alex Cross to find out what other material you can recycle.