Taking a Peek into A Bag’s Life

It’s nice to take a moment and recognize an organization that not only cares about reducing waste in our environment and makes educating consumers about important environmental issues a priority.

A Bag’s Life is an organization that is committed to educating consumers, businesses, and organizations about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic bags. I encourage you all to check out the organization’s blog to check out some of the great events held by the organization.

Recently, A Bag’s Life facilitated an event at Arthur Ashe Charter School in New Orleans to teach students about plastic bag and film recycling. Additionally, the school received a new bench that was made from approximately 5,000 recycled plastic bags.

Hilex has held similar activities in the past and as a leader of plastic bag recycling, Hilex couldn’t be happier to learn about other groups’ efforts to educate consumers (especially kids) about the importance of discarding plastic bags appropriately.

Plastic bag recycling is often overlooked but is essential to reducing litter. By educating consumers about the importance of discarding plastic bags appropriately, we can recycle the bags into new bags and other useful items. Through the work of A Bag’s Life and other organizations, we can continue to reduce litter along with reusing and recycling plastic bags.