The Importance of Recycling & Youth Education

In order to create a more sustainable world for the future, we need to educate students on the importance of recycling. Here at NOVOLEX, we’re dedicated to creating and supporting projects that help teach students all over the country what they can do to help make our world a better, cleaner place.

In the past, NOVOLEX has worked with Girl Scouts who were working to earn their recycling badges. We hosted a tour of a facility and showed the Scouts the entire lifecycle of the plastic bags they collected to be recycled. These Scouts, of Troop 5295 of Justin, Texas, rallied and encouraged their families, friends and classmates to help their environment by donating all plastic bags to the Troop’s recycling efforts. The Girl Scouts collected a remarkable 5,000 plastic bags, which was too high of a volume to drop off at a grocery store. NOVOLEX took the opportunity to bring the students and their families to our facility in Carrollton, Texas, where they were able to see how their bags would be repurposed into new items. The hands-on learning experience taught Troop 5295 the importance of recycling, and is an example of our commitment to recycling and a more sustainable future.

We’ve also worked to support efforts like the “Think Outside the Bag” Recycling Contest, hosted by the Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI) and JASON Learning. The contest was designed for students in grades K-12 to create a way to convince their communities to recycle their plastic bags – rather than throw them away. Students from all over the country created campaign posters to educate everyone on the recyclable capabilities of plastic bags and what we can do to help!

Plastic bags are 100% recyclable, but so few people actually know this fact! It’s up to us to teach our youth the importance of recycling and inspire them to help make the changes necessary to ensure a sustainable future.