This Holiday Season, Get Creative with Plastic and Paper Bags!

The holiday season is the busiest gift-giving time of the year, with millions of Americans sharing presents with co-workers, friends and loved ones. Car trunks and closets across the country are full of plastic and paper shopping bags hiding shiny electronics, comfy clothes and fun toys that will soon bring smiles to the faces of those dear to us.

But have you ever thought about turning those shopping bags into a creative, handmade gift? You can convert bags into gifts or decorations to brighten up the holidays this year.

When it comes to making gifts and decorations from plastic bags, the possibilities are endless. You can welcome guests to your front door with a shimmering homemade wreath, or you can surprise a loved one with a handsome do-it-yourself tote bag!

But the possibilities don’t end there! You can dress your gifts like they came from the North Pole with vintage-style wrapping paper from paper bags. And to top it all off, you can create a gift tag or add a beautiful plastic flower as a finishing touch.

This is just a small taste of the fun and creative crafts you can make from shopping bags year-round. So this holiday season, make the most out of your plastic and paper bags and create gifts and memories that will last a lifetime.