Waddington Europe launches 100% recycled food packaging solution and zero to landfill status across all sites

Milton Keynes, UK – October 2020 – Leading European thermoforming packaging specialists Waddington Europe, a division of Novolex®, announced today the launch of two food packaging material options made of 100% recycled plastic that are also 100% recyclable.  This represents a best in class “circular” packaging option for the food manufacturing and retail sectors.

With sustainability and the environmental impact of packaging increasingly a priority for the end consumer, Waddington Europe’s in-house Innovation team have introduced the Eco Blend Pura and Eco Blend 100  products made with 100% recycled materials as competitive and cost effective options to customers.

Eduardo Gomes, managing director at Waddington Europe comments on the launch: “We’re delighted to be in the position to bring this innovative new range of rigid plastic food packaging products made with recycled materials to market.  Waddington Europe is one of only a handful of suppliers within the European rigid plastic market that can truly offer and maintain the supply of a reduced environmental impact 100% recycled plastic packaging at a competitive price.”

Waddington’s premium Eco Blend Pura rPET tray range is made entirely from post-consumer recycled waste (PCW).  The range of thermoformed trays, collation trays, punnet boxes and pots are also fully recyclable and suitable for packaging a wide range of food items including meat and fish, baked goods, prepared food, soft fruits and salads.

The Eco Blend 100  range of packaging – made from 100% recycled content derived from a mixture of both post-consumer (PCW) and post-industrial waste (PIW) content, offers customers the same superior shelf display, food safety and environmental benefits as the Eco Blend Pura line but at a slightly lower price point.

These innovative products bring to life the ideal practice behind a true circular economy, keeping plastic away from landfill by turning today’s discarded bottles, pots, tubs and trays into tomorrow’s packaging.  Unlike cardboard packaging that may have a plastic laminate inner lining or cardboard vacuum packs for meat or fish which can be difficult to recycle, both the Eco Blend Pura and Eco Blend 100   lines are fully recyclable.

“Our commitment to support recycling and the circular economy over the last few years has been heartfelt across our operations. Waddington Europe is in a unique position in that we have access to the PCW raw material that allows us to offer a complete rPET range of products,” explained Gomes.  “In the past 24 months alone, we’ve managed to process more than 39,000 tonnes of recycled plastic meaning that we avoided using 39,000 tonnes of virgin material in our production pipeline as opening up more possibilities for recyclable, more efficient, affordable and sustainable products.”

Waddington Europe Awarded Zero To Landfill Status Across All Three Production Sites

Waddington Europe also announced they have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill status across all three of its manufacturing sites which are located in Arklow Co. Wicklow, IR and Milton Keynes and Bridgwater in the UK.

The certification was awarded to Waddington Europe following a rigorous auditing process by Valpak, the official third-party auditor accredited to evaluate facility compliance with the zero waste to landfill criteria.

Eduardo Gomes said: “A huge amount of work and commitment has gone into making Waddington Europe’s target of ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ a reality. We worked with experts and market leaders to review our processes and waste streams to ensure anything that could be recycled was being recycled. This included everything from our offices and factory canteens, to recycling all the plastic waste produced by our own thermoforming production line back into the manufacturing process, which we’ve been doing for years. The reduction of as much waste as possible around the site was considered; anything and everything from using air hand dryers in site bathrooms rather than paper towels, to downgauging projects”.

Food waste from the canteens or offices and anything else that cannot be recycled or re-used is now compacted into bulk containers and sent for incineration at a ‘Waste to Energy’ facility . By installing the compactors Waddington Europe can now accomplish an average of 7.5 tonnes per collection, over double the amount previously achieved and halving the number of collections needed, which has an additional environmental benefit from a transportation point of view.”

Emily Hare, Waste and Resource Traceability Manager at Valpak said “We are delighted to have Waddington Europe Group among the growing number of organisations and sites wanting to be independently recognised for their efforts to move their waste from landfill. All three manufacturing site have put a lot of work into diverting their waste and they are a great addition to Valpak’s Zero Waste to Landfill Certification family.”

The company’s move to a zero waste policy mirrors other sustainability initiatives the company has introduced across all sites in recent years,  including closed loop systems for water used for cooling tools in production and filters on every external drain to prevent plastic pellets from entering into the water system. The filters are part of a ‘Pellet Retention Scheme’ which is linked to Operation Clean Sweep® – an international program adopted by entities in the plastics value chain designed to prevent the release of plastic granules into the environment.

To find out more about Waddington Europe’s new rPET packaging solutions and sustainability practices visit https://www.waddingtoneurope.com.


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