World Water Day

Every year the United Nations recognizes efforts to manage water and use water equitably on World Water Day. This day asks citizens of the world to evaluate our usage of water and recognize the issues surround water use across the globe.

Water conservation is one of those issues, which has become a major topic and is important to Hilex Poly in our mission to provide environmentally friendly products that are sustainable. You might not know this but plastic bags actually require less water than other bags.

Not only do we create bags that require less water than the alternatives, but we also use those bags to make new ones through our Bag-2-Bag recycling program! Because of our efforts, our recycled bags contain at least 25% recycled content.

We also are always looking for ways to limit water usage throughout our facilities and we look forward to watching and learning from the global discussion around World Water Day. We encourage everyone to check out the activities that will be going throughout the day and help raise awareness on this issue.