People and Communities

Health and Safety

We are committed to the safety of our employees, all of whom expect and deserve a safe working environment. We deploy industry-leading workplace policies and programs to constantly improve safety performance across the company. We also provide extensive training to our employees; closely track our Total Recordable Incident Rate, disclosed in our annual sustainability reports; and require our subcontractors to follow our health and safety practices.


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Novolex was classified as an essential infrastructure industry serving the food and health sector supply chains. Novolex products continued to serve customers and consumers throughout the pandemic, which fueled increased demand for our tamper-evident packaging, carry-out totes, grocery bags, and hot-food containers. To protect our employees, we implemented rigorous procedures designed to keep them safe and healthy. These included the use of face masks, temperature taking, social distancing, personal hygiene requirements, facility cleaning procedures, and visitor restrictions.

Human Rights

Responsible business practices and ethical conduct are fundamental to every aspect of Novolex. The Novolex Human Rights Policy reflects our responsibilities, commitments, and expectations with regard to respecting and promoting human rights across our business activities. Respect for human rights starts with zero tolerance for the use of child labor; illegal, abusive, and forced or bonded labor; and human trafficking in our workplaces. Novolex abhors such practices and has instituted a variety of practices to safeguard human rights and fair labor practices in our workplace. We support a workplace in which employees can grow, contribute, and participate free from discrimination and unfair treatment. We value our diversity, reaping unique contributions from each of colleagues and allowing them to strive to achieve their individual potential. Principles of the Human Rights Policy are embedded in the Novolex Employee Code of Conduct. All employees must read and acknowledge their understanding of the Code.


At Novolex, we are committed to giving back to our communities. Our Focused Giving Program prioritizes support for organizations that promote sustainability, support food and hunger programs, or promote health and well-being. These efforts are particularly meaningful to us because we are in the business of providing sustainable food packaging and are committed to promoting the health, safety, and well-being of our employees.

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