Supply Chain Responsibility

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Our suppliers are vital business partners. We expect suppliers to share our values and adhere to the same standards that we set for ourselves for ethical and responsible conduct, while at the same time providing the highest-quality products and services. In support of these standards, Novolex applies a range of criteria in our supplier selection process that considers not only the quality of goods or services to be provided but also a prospective supplier's standing with respect to selected environmental, social, and governance standards.

The Novolex Supplier Code of Conduct provides suppliers with our expectations on a broad scope of activities. The Code was developed in line with global principles that promote worker health and safety, support human rights, and minimize the impact of operations on the environment, among other topics. Novolex supply chain managers are trained on the Code. Suppliers are expected to adhere to the Code, to the letter and spirit of laws and regulations, and to act with integrity and honesty at all times. Adherence to the Code is a requirement of supplier contractual terms and conditions.

Human Rights in the Supply Chain

The protection of human rights in the workplace is of paramount importance to Novolex and is codified in the Novolex Human Rights Policy. We will not do business with suppliers or organizations that engage in the use of illegal, forced or involuntary labor, human trafficking, child labor, or other unfair or discriminatory labor practices. The Novolex Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to respect and protect those rights. We also expect our suppliers to adhere to laws and regulations specifically designed to prevent such abuses, which include the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and with which our own business practices are aligned. View our full statement on the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act.

If we suspect human rights are being abused or have reason to believe suppliers are not adhering to our Code’s requirements, we will take action to ensure those concerns are addressed. We reserve the right to conduct third-party audits of suppliers to verify compliance with our standards and require corrective actions. If necessary, we will terminate a supplier’s contract.

Ethics Hotline

As part of our commitment to responsible business conduct, we provide suppliers and their employees with access to the Novolex Ethics and Compliance Hotline. It is an independent resource that can be used by employees of suppliers (as well as by Novolex employees) to report potential violations or to raise concerns related to the Code without fear of retaliation. The 24/7 Hotline is available online at or by telephone using one of the toll-free numbers listed on the last page of the Code.

Novolex Supplier Code of Conduct

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