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Our Business and Segments

Novolex® is a leader in packaging innovation, choice and sustainability. We manufacture products in paper, plastic and sustainable materials for the food, retail, health and industrial markets. Our products offer superior performance, provide convenience, reduce waste and support food safety and hygiene for the benefit of millions of people who use our products every day. Our ability to meet their needs reflects the wide diversity of our products and the commitment to quality embraced by our more than 10,000 employees. With 62 manufacturing facilities and administrative offices in North America and Europe, including two world-class plastic recycling facilities, we are close to our customers and ready to serve them through our Food & Delivery and Performance Solutions segments.

Food & Delivery

The Food & Delivery segment serves dine-in and to-go restaurants, grocery, convenience stores, institutional dining, entertainment venues and retail sectors.

Food & Delivery products from Bagcraft® • Burrows™ • De Luxe® • Duro® • Eco-Products® • Hilex® • Waddington North America™ • Waddington Europe™

Performance Solutions

The segment serves commercial beverage, produce, dairy and confectionary sectors and industrial applications in the agriculture, horticulture, banking and security, construction, sanitation, janitorial and healthcare sectors.

Performance Solutions products from Shields™ • International Converter • General Packaging Products • Heritage

Novolex Brands


Innovation drives our business. Every day we strive to create exceptional value for our customers that no one else can offer. Our expert teams are constantly working to design products that help preserve the environment, offer convenience, save money, protect products and exceed our customers’ high expectations. Our continuous drive to innovate has enabled us to develop unique products that solve challenges around the globe. Our list of dynamic new products that are patented or have patents pending include the Cutlerease™ single-unit utensil dispensing system, Load & Seal™ tamper-evident bags, PPE isolation gowns and face shields, and Blaze™ hot-food packaging. At Novolex, we never stop inventing.

Markets and Products

Our diverse family of brands — coupled with our ability to create new, custom products — enable us to offer a broad range of superior choices to meet all of our customers’ needs. We serve customers operating in four broad markets: food packaging, delivery and carryout, food processing and industrial applications. Food packaging products include a variety of high-quality plates, bowls, cups, utensils, clamshells, tray liners, salad containers and more, all designed to support the dining experience whether dining out or at home. Delivery/Carry out customers benefit from an array of paper and rigid plastic food containers as well as paper and plastic bags. We serve industrial customers with top-of-the-line products as varied as can liners for institutional trash collection, hooder film and films used on building and construction materials. Customers in the food processing market benefit from custom wrappers for confectionary and dairy products and bags for produce. Our product choices are nearly endless.

We make our products from a variety of choice raw materials. High-quality paper and other sources of fiber such as sugarcane and bamboo provide renewable resources. We use the best in both traditional and bio-based plastic resins to fit our customers’ needs. Foil and other reliable materials provide a vital moisture barrier on products as varied as chocolate bars and construction materials. In addition, many of our products are made with recycled content — or from recyclable or compostable materials — to reduce the impact on the environment. No matter what materials we use, up and down the value chain, Novolex products come with our commitment to innovation, quality, performance and customer service.

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