Full-Line Product Catalog

Full-Line Product Catalog

Polar Pak is one of the leading manufacturers of food packaging solutions, serving the food processor, bakery and grocery. Our food packaging solutions includes Tamper-Evident containers like Smart-Tab® containers that have an innovative pull tab that works just like a soda can but the lid is resealable again and again and the tab will stay raised to warn you that the container has been tampered with.

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CakePAK’s patented EZ Release™ system, with press and lift tabs provide effortless dome removal, over and over. Secure dome fit allows for easy stacking, safe and secure cake trans

rPET Tubs & Lids

These clear containers are made from Eco-Blend™ 25% rPET PCR, a strong, durable and recyclable material that is used for a variety of products like tamper-evident food containers,


Breakaway™ tamper-evident containers offer consumers peace-of-mind. They are available in convenient sizes and shapes.

Produce Packaging

The best option to package your lettuce and keep it fresh longer with its root cavity. The smooth surface on top is perfect to apply your branded label.



Using recycled PET (rPET) helps reduce the environmental impact of our products and supports the circular economy. In a circular economy, packaging can be recycled and converted into raw material that can be used to make new products. We now feature products made with 10-100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) rPET. Products manufactured from Eco Blend™ rPET are available containing 25%, 50% or 75% PCR content, blended with post-industrial (PI) recycled material and virgin resin. This offers customers the same superior shelf display and food safety as traditional PET, but with an added environmental benefit based on each customer’s sustainability goals.

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