Sustainability Pillars

<p>Using recycled and renewable materials and designing for recycling and composting</p>

Using recycled and renewable materials and designing for recycling and composting

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<p>Reducing energy use, minimizing waste and promoting recycling</p>

Reducing energy use, minimizing waste and promoting recycling

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<p>Supporting the well-being of more than 10,000 employee families and their communities</p>
People and Communities

Supporting the well-being of more than 10,000 employee families and their communities

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Reporting on Our Progress

The Novolex sustainability vision rests on three pillars that support our efforts to achieve ambitious environmental, social, and governance goals. The 2021 Novolex Sustainability Report continues to advance the transparency of our reporting across each pillar by expanding data collection and developing strategic metrics. We use multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) to track our performance and drive success. The 2021 report adds a new critical metric in support of Novolex’s contribution to the circular economy: the percentage of revenue from applicable products that are recyclable, compostable, or reusable. The new metric and other disclosures continue to align with selected disclosures used in widely recognized reporting frameworks developed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). To provide feedback on the report or ask questions, please contact

Working With Our Customers

Novolex partners with our customers to develop products that will meet their sustainability goals and, in turn, those of society by understanding their goals and providing product solutions. Customer goals can differ. Some focus on using more sustainable materials that come from recycled and renewable materials. Other customers may seek products that have better end-of-life outcomes and can be reused, recycled, or composted. Many Novolex products accomplish both goals — using more sustainable materials and being recyclable or compostable. Our job is to find the innovative solutions that will work for them, their consumers, and society.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Novolex supports science- and fact-based public policies that foster the circular economy, improve infrastructure, educate consumers, and facilitate sustainable development within our communities. We engage with a spectrum of stakeholders to promote these objectives and more. In partnership with communities, policymakers, NGOs, the packaging industry, and our customers, we work towards developing solutions that will enable the responsible manufacture, use, and disposal of our products. Novolex looks forward to helping to lead, innovate, and participate in the policies and actions that will build the new circular economy, including construction of additional infrastructure for recycling and composting.

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