Using recycled and renewable materials and designing for recycling and composting


Reducing energy use, minimizing waste and promoting recycling

People and Communities

Supporting the well-being of more than 10,000 employee families and their communities

Supply Chain Responsibilty

We provide suppliers with our expectations on a broad scope of environmental, social and governance practices.

Reporting on Our Progress

The Novolex sustainability vision rests on three pillars – Products, Operations, and People and Communities. These pillars and their supporting key performance indicators (KPIs) serve to advance our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives companywide. The 2022 Novolex Sustainability Report continues to advance the transparency of our reporting across each pillar by expanding data collection and commitments. New in this years’ report is a commitment to double recycling of post-consumer films at the company’s recycling facility North Vernon, Indiana by 2024 to advance the circularity of our products. Additionally, the 2022 report includes a new metric providing the total amount of waste generated in our operations and the percent that is diverted from landfill and recycled.

Supporting Customers

Supporting Customers

Novolex partners with our customers to meet their sustainability goals by offering choice, innovation and sustainability. Our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 30% per ton of production by 2030 supports customer climate goals. Our broad selection of products made with certified, bio-based and recycled materials can help reduce the environmental footprint of packaging. Many Novolex products are recyclable, compostable or can be reused. We also support customers’ ability to quantify emissions, conducting product carbon footprint (PCF) analyses that can inform purchasing decisions that advance climate goals.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

Novolex supports science- and fact-based public policies that foster the circular economy, improve infrastructure, educate consumers, and facilitate sustainable development within our communities. We engage with a spectrum of stakeholders to promote these objectives and more. In partnership with policymakers, NGOs, others in the packaging industry, and our customers we work towards developing solutions that will foster the responsible manufacture, use and disposal of our products. Novolex looks forward to helping lead, innovate, and participate in policy development and implementation that will build the new circular economy including construction of additional infrastructure for recycling and composting.

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