Duro Bag Templates

Select from the Merchandise, Pharmacy, Shopper and Standard paper bag template files below. All templates are available in both PDF and Adobe Illustrator. Right-click or ctrl-click the corresponding link (PDF or AI) to download.

Merchandise Bags

4.5 x 2.5 x 14  PDF  AI
4.5 x 2.5 x 24  PDF  AI
4.5 x 2.5 x 27  PDF  AI
4.5 x 2.5 x 28  PDF  AI
5.25 x 3.25 x 18  PDF  AI
5 x 7.5  PDF  AI
6.25 x 9.25  PDF  AI
7.5 x 10  PDF  AI
8.5 x 11  PDF  AI
10 x 2 x 15  PDF  AI
10 x 13  PDF  AI
12 x 3 x 18  PDF  AI
14 x 3 x 21  PDF  AI
15 x 18  PDF  AI
17 x 4 x 24  PDF  AI
17 x 21  PDF  AI
20 x 5 x 30  PDF  AI
22.5 x 7.5 x 30  PDF  AI
Litre  PDF  AI
Pint  PDF  AI
Quart  PDF  AI

Pharmacy Bags

5 x 2 x 10  PDF  AI
8#  PDF  AI
6#  PDF  AI
5#  PDF  AI


1/7 BBL Twisted Paper Handle  PDF  AI
Bistro Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Bistro Macrame  PDF  AI
Bistro Slit Top  PDF  AI
Bistro Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Bistro  PDF  AI
Cargo Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Cargo Macrame  PDF  AI
Cargo Slit Top  PDF  AI
Cargo Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Cargo  PDF  AI
Custom Mart Rio  PDF  AI
Debonair Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Debonair Macrame  PDF  AI
Debonair Slit Top  PDF  AI
Debonair Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Debonair  PDF  AI
Downtowner  PDF  AI
Emerald Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Emerald Macrame  PDF  AI
Emerald Slit Top  PDF  AI
Emerald Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Emerald  PDF  AI
Gem Custom  PDF  AI
Gem Macrame  PDF  AI
Gem Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Gem  PDF  AI
Grande  PDF  AI
Jr Cargo Knotless Mactame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Jr Cargo Macrame  PDF  AI
Jr Cargo Slit Top  PDF  AI
Jr Cargo Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Jr Cargo  PDF  AI
Jr Mart  PDF  AI
Kary Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Kary Macrame  PDF  AI
Kary Slit Top  PDF  AI
Kary Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Kary  PDF  AI
Magnum Slit Top  PDF  AI
Mart Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Mart Macrame  PDF  AI
Mart Slit Top  PDF  AI
Mart Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Miss Tote  PDF  AI
Missy Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Missy Macrame  PDF  AI
Missy Slit Top  PDF  AI
Missy Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Missy  PDF  AI
Regal Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Regal Macrame  PDF  AI
Regal Slit Top  PDF  AI
Regal Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Regal  PDF  AI
Royal Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Royal Macrame  PDF  AI
Royal Slit Top  PDF  AI
Royal Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Royal  PDF  AI
Sup-R-Mart  PDF  AI
Super Royal Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Super Royal Macrame  PDF  AI
Super Royal Slit Top  PDF  AI
Super Royal Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Super Royal  PDF  AI
Tempo Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Tempo Knotless Slit Top  PDF  AI
Tempo Macrame  PDF  AI
Tempo Slit Top  PDF  AI
Tempo Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Tempo  PDF  AI
Tote Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Tote Macrame  PDF  AI
Tote Slit Top  PDF  AI
Tote Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Tote  PDF  AI
Towner Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Towner Macrame  PDF  AI
Towner Slit Top  PDF  AI
Towner Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Towner  PDF  AI
Traveler Knotless Macrame Slit Top  PDF  AI
Traveler Macrame  PDF  AI
Traveler Slit Top  PDF  AI
Traveler Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Traveler  PDF  AI
Trim Kary  PDF  AI
Ultra Vino  PDF  AI
Uptowner Knotless Macramme Slit Top  PDF  AI
Uptowner Macrame  PDF  AI
Uptowner Slit Top  PDF  AI
Uptowner Ultra Modular  PDF  AI
Uptowner  PDF  AI
Vino Macrame  PDF  AI
Vino  PDF  AI

Standard Bags

1/6th BBL Double Kary  PDF  AI
1/6th BBL Handle Up  PDF  AI
1/6th BBL Folded Sack  PDF  AI
1/6th BBL  PDF  AI
1/7th Barrel  PDF  AI
1/7th BBL Handle Down  PDF  AI
1/7th BBL  PDF  AI
1/8th BBL Short  PDF  AI
1/8th BBL Tall  PDF  AI
1 lb  PDF  AI
2 lb  PDF  AI
3 lb  PDF  AI
4 lb Siide Seam  PDF  AI
4 lb  PDF  AI
5 lb  PDF  AI
6 lb Center Seam  PDF  AI
6 lb Side Seam  PDF  AI
6 lb  PDF  AI
8 lb  PDF  AI
10 lb  PDF  AI
12 lb  PDF  AI
16 lb  PDF  AI
20 lb  PDF  AI
20 Shorty  PDF  AI
25 lb  PDF  AI
25 Shorty  PDF  AI
Die Cut 11 x 6 x 11  PDF  AI
Half lb  PDF  AI
Hot Food 8.25 x 5.25 x 10.5  PDF  AI
Lawn and Leaf  PDF  AI
Preprinted Kids Meal 6lb  PDF  AI
Quarter BBL Satchel  PDF  AI
Quarter BBL SOS  PDF  AI

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